Friday, April 24, 2009

A meaningful dialogue between Business and Design

In the last months I have had many informational interviews with people in the Design Thinking* space, mostly designers. When I asked them about the value of a Business School graduate in their companies one single comment came up over and over, surprisingly with almost the same words every time: Business and Design do not "talk" to each other. I do not like that. At all. Today more than ever we need the integration of Business and Design in order to solve this mess of interconnected pressing challenges our world is facing.

That's the reason why I have launched The DesignBusiness SandBox.
For the Design and the Business community, the DesignBusiness SandBox is a meeting point that brings the Design perspective into Business and viceversa.

Using Design thinking as the underlying methodology, the goal of this tool is to create a meaningful dialogue between the Design and the Business world.
Although it has been originated as a student-driven Independent Study Project, and right now it lives within UC Berkeley, I eventually would like to open the site to the Design and the Business community. The site is in an very early and shameless prototyping stage. As the first topic for discussion I am focusing on storytelling.

If any of the previous paragraphs appeals to you, [contact me] and become a collaborator. You will make this man happy.


* Here it is IDEO's Tim Brown's definition of Design Thinking. Here, the wikipedia article, not as catchy as it should be for such an important concept. I should address What is Design Thinking in another post but this might work as a beginning for those of you unfamiliar with the term.

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