Saturday, May 30, 2009

MBA closure. A 10,000 feet recap

After the graduation ceremony and an bunch of farewells it looks like I have put a closure to my MBA at Haas, one of the most intense and satisfying periods of my life (till date). Nevertheless I would like to put in writing what I have learned, even if it is just a 10,000 feet picture. so this is a chronological stab at it, including travels:
  • Second semester (2008, Jan to May): more core curriculum. Put together a business plan for the Entrepreneurship course. Carried out an independent study on social networks
    > Spring break: Japan
  • Third semester (2008, Aug to Dec): a deep dive into design-thinking. Created Senior Web, an info gathering and communication solutions for senior citizens, as part of the New Product Development class.
    > Winter break: Spain, Israel and Jordan
A lot of learning in a bit less than two years. Some times I was gulping and some other times I could sip knowledge enjoying it calmly. You know what? I am still thirsty

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