Friday, May 8, 2009

My business and design portfolio

I am updating my portfolio with the latest projects, but here it goes the April version. Following the advice of my fellow Haassie Maiken I have structured my experiences according to the following framework: Challenge, Process, Solution, Learnings.
In order to visualize it properly you have to go to full screen mode. The formatting is not 100% consistent after the upload but it does suffice.
Feedback is greatly appreciated


Anonymous said...

I think is a great way to build your professional brand. Very good idea to put this on Slideshare as well. On the visual front, SlideShare does mess formatting, so watch out for it.

You have impressive skill-set and experience. I have a question for you, should the framework be outward looking, "what is the value add to your customers?" or a self description.
I remember reading that in any pitch, grab your audience attention early on by making it about them. I am not sure if that is applicable when you put together a portfolio about yourself. I thought I will pick your brain on this since you have given a lot of thought to this.


Santiago said...

Thanks a lot for the comments, Rags! It does pick my brain. This document's audience is design firms, or companies in the creativity industry. What's in my profile for them?
The introducing framework (the 4 quadrants) is supposed to speak to designers. It is the designing process and I map my experiences around it to demonstrate I speak the language and I am able to think and execute from a design perspective.
I can probably build a stronger point by being more explicit about who am I and what is my differential contribution...will work on it.