Monday, June 15, 2009

Maestro Market, a marketplace for speaking engagements

Are you looking for a public speaker that can deliver an unforgettable mark on your audience? Are you a professional looking for speaking engagements?

If that's the case I would like to talk to you. This summer I will be working with Maestro Market, a marketplace connecting people of talent with customers who can benefit from the talent for events, appearances, and other engagements.

Although being an early stage start up we are all helping out with pretty much anything, I am primarily in charge of Marketing and Product development.

There are two things that get me excited about this project:
  • One is the team. We are five people, coming from very different backgrounds yet passionate about entrepreneurship, high-performance and making better matches between talent providers and talent seekers.
  • The second one is the possibility to put in practice all that I have learned about user-centric design and customer development. In fact right now I am leading our efforts to map our customers needs.
I enjoy the level of excitement and energy we all share. We are definitely off to a great adventure.

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