Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Startups in 13 Sentences by Paul Graham

I know, there are many tips for entrepreneurs out there and as my friend Javi says, free advice, for what it's worth... but I found Paul Graham's "Startups in 13 Sentences" through Narayan, one of my colleagues at Maestro Market. #2 and #3 resonate louder:

2. Launch fast.

The reason to launch fast is not so much that it's critical to get your product to market early, but that you haven't really started working on it till you've launched. Launching teaches you what you should have been building. Till you know that you're wasting your time. So the main value of whatever you launch with is as a pretext for engaging users.

3. Let your idea evolve.

This is the second half of launching fast. Launch fast and iterate. It's a big mistake to treat a startup as if it were merely a matter of implementing some brilliant initial idea. As in an essay, most of the ideas appear in the implementing.

You can read the rest here. By the way, click on the link to EtherPad and you will see dynamically how the text was written. Cool...

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