Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pavement marking. Why and What for

I have spotted this "design-flop" in Madrid. Actually it might not be that much of a flop. If we ask why this pedestrian crossing is like this we would find several explanations. A very plausible explanation could be that a car was parked when the paint crew arrived.

In many occasions rather than asking why it makes better sense to ask what for. In this case the unorthodox design of the pavement marking allows for one extra car to be parked in the street. And some paint savings too.


Thomas said...

Awesome - one of my favorite posts ever :)

Arvind K said...

Santi, I like the concept. 'What for' instead of 'why'.

Although having a pedestrian crossing right in front of a parked car creates a blind spot. Pedestrians attempting to use the crossing are hidden from approaching cars :(.

Santiago said...

You are right, Arvind. "Customer" is always first!