Monday, August 3, 2009

[web] Things we take for granted

Being back in Spain after two years in the Silicon Valley (SV) can be a little of a cultural shock. I already knew SV is the forefront of geekiness and consumer internet. What I did not know is how much I would take some things for granted. This is a list of things I am "struggling with" currently. I will start with Google Maps and add to the list as I find new ones

- [Google Maps] There is no "public tranportation" option. At least, if you are using public tranportation in Madrid there is this option, similar to 511 in the bay area. I need to find the equivalent to nextbus

> Sep 1st, 2009: Google has recently launched Google Transit in Asturias.

- [Google Maps] There are far less reviews. Many business lack their web address or an accurate description.

- [Amazon] Of course! Amazon! They do not operate in Spain, so you have to go for international shipping. Their user-generated product reviews are amongst my favorite shopping tools. Here´s a blog post in Spanish commenting on Amazon´s potential launch in Spain

- [Craigslist] I still haven´t found that ultra simple go-to place for virtually anything, from rooms to rent to last minute tickets for a Coldplay gig, bikes or second-hand cars

> Alternative: loquo

- [Yelp] Again, tons of reviews and ratings about a restaurant give you a very close idea of the quality of the place. This doesn´t mean there is not an alternative for the Spanish market, it´s just that the ones I have bumped into do not have as many customer datapoints...

> Alternative: 11870


barbunaki said...

In the other hand, rejoice in the fact that your cell phone reception will be much more reliable in Spain than in the Bay Area... ~Pedro V.

Santiago said...

That is so true! Plus the quality of sound is significantly better...

Maite said...

Is true! we dont have craiglist here, but there is something more or less like it and is called