Monday, August 3, 2009


My dear readers, as you might know I recently decided to go back to Spain, my home country, which will seemingly impact the way to go about this blog. My primary goals are:
  • having fun
  • sharing my thoughts on interesting stuff I come across
I will be definitely incorporating more Spanish components but at the same time I want it to keep a global perspective. I am not planning on shifting the language to Spanish but I might translate some posts... good for those of you brushing up your castellano!

Expect some trial and error, you know I like prototyping...

In the meanwhile, why don´t you share your thoughts with me? email me or add your comment to this post. I´ll be glad to hear from you.

I´ll keep on blogging about the seemingly unconnected. Stay tuned!

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barbunaki said...

I'm also back home in Brazil. A big surprise was how Brazilian websites are extremely well designed, elegant and with with exquisite animations - but too slow to load and often lacking any real useful functionality.

I can almost see the conversation taking place in the Marketing Division:

"Our company needs a website."

"But what for?"

"I don't care! Just give me a damn website! And make sure it looks good and expensive!"

"Alright, I'll talk to out IT and Operations team to see which of our services we can take online."

"No, no, no, the IT guys are a pain in the neck, and it would take too long anyway. Don't you have a nephew who is a webdesigner?"