Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simple details don't cost that much

Last Tuesday I took the high-speed train (AVE) from Madrid to Barcelona. In the super nice, less-than-3-hour ride I notice a tiny details I had already noticed in the Japanese bullet train (Shinkansen)

That little thing on the wall it's a mini hook to hang your jacket, something you do not find in airplanes, at least not in the economy seats...

A very simple detail, not that costly, that makes the passenger's life a little bit better. For me design is strategy but also small things like this.

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Anonymous said...

Design is strategy when it is "ownable", i.e, what you have is unique and difficult to copy by your competitors.
Regarding your observation on the small details, that is a good one. I think all these details add up if they are in sync, consistent with the total experience. An airline cannot simply add a hook and expect to deliver better experience or the one that matches the Bullet trains you saw.