Thursday, September 3, 2009

Left AND right brain

In one of my previous posts I addressed the lack of dialogue between Business and Design. I have just bumped into this article, EQ meeting IQ, by Carina Oskarsson. She also points at the difficulties of communication when one side is wired around text and the other around visuals, the traditional left brain versus right brain argument. Her solution is for one side to adopt the perspective of the other:

"A key to effectiveness is to seek to have the same mental ground as those I cooperate with. We cannot communicate through visuals, so we have to use words in order to gain a common understanding. Once we have a dialog, we develop trust. Trust is more than a brand; that is what design is about".

Definitely, traslation or "learning the other side´s language" does the trick. Nevertheless how enriching it is to be "bilingual". Tools like prezi (to create presentations), or the business model canvas (to describe and analyze business models) come to my mind. I think is about time for Business to learn the language of Design. That fresh air is much needed.

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Robin said...

Yes I saw that too, a good article.

I agree both sides need to learn each others way of thinking and communicating. From experience I think design is well positioned to help business types use their right brain, as they must.

In a sense to them it's a little like accepting the 'mystery' and going with it, recognising that the rules are different, clarity now not being enough, depth is the new clarity.

I like the sense it's about building trust, all of it really needs relationship, so much of the right brain stuff needs to be 'experienced' which takes letting your guard down.

It's so true that using design process to switch on people's right brains in the context of relational process is HARD work, but very rewarding..