Thursday, October 29, 2009

Barcelona Design Week, days 2 and 3

On day 2 I attended the design awards ceremony. Although the session started with a keynote speech in English by Kathryn Best on her book "Design Management: Managing Design strategy, Process and Implementation", I felt the event lacked the international taste that the rest of the activities had.

On day 3 there was the so-called Design circuit or an open house day for design firms in Barcelona. I visited the graphic design firms Morera Design and Corretje. Both firms are located in an old textile factory within the Palo Alto complex, a pretty appealing design-ish enclave. In the afternoon I dropped by the Barcelona office of Smart Design, where I met students, designers and people from the firm.

All in all, the Barcelona Design Week has been for me a great networking experience. Plus all the inspiration and food for thought.

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